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The North Carolina Portable Toilet Group is dedicated to the protection and benefit of the portable sanitation industry in North Carolina.

Members own the vast majority of all portable toilets in North Carolina.

The leaders of North Carolina's portable sanitation industry formed the NC Portable Toilet Group in 1992. It has an excellent record of benefiting its members with a proactive legislative agenda and a strong defense against unfair or oppressive regulation actions.

The goals of the Group are formulated to protect and defend business interests. The Group has an excellent track record of legislative victories. The industry-driven legislative agenda is carefully formulated by Group members and is propelled by seasoned lobbyists Joe McClees and his wife, Henri McClees.

The NC Portable Toilet Group's leaders form a statewide network of professionals in the portable sanitation industry.

Interested in learning more about the history of the NC Portable Toilet Group?  Contact Joe McClees or Henri McClees of McClees Consulting, Inc. or visit www.mccleesconsulting.com.

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