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Finances, Taxes, and Legal Information

NCDOR Financial and Tax Information now available. As of 1/1/2014, the Sales Price of a Service Contract for the maintenance and repair of tangible personal property, i.e. portable toilets, is subject to North Carolina Sales Tax. This is a change in existing law, and has an immediate impact on portable sanitation businesses in North Carolina.

Click here for Motor Fuel Claim forms and instructions for rebates.

Motor Fuels Tax Rate Change: click here for notice from NC Dept. of Revenue. This change was effective 7/1/2011.

For NCPTG Members Only: Contact Henri McClees for debt collection information for your business. Email the NC Portable Toilet Group attorney at hen...@mccleesconsulting.com

For information and forms to be used to apply for your annual Fuel Tax Rebate, see the NC Dept. of Revenue website.

Look down that page to find the forms entitled "Claim For Refund - Qualified Power Takeoff Vehicles" with the year for which you are claiming the rebate.

Has someone damaged your portable toilets or pumper truck? You should prosecute. In 2009, we helped increased criminal penalties to encourage local law enforcement to help you! Call or email us for more information and click here to read the new law. This law is now in effect. Protect your property and prosecute!

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