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Upcoming Events 2016


Ours are the best! Your annual training is mandatory, but it does not have to be boring!  Excellent speakers and fun door prizes are found in our Educational Seminars in every region of North Carolina.

Click here for exact dates and locations.

We bring the best speakers and the latest information. We join with the North Carolina Pumper Group to ensure you will get the highest quality seminar with friendly people and comfortable facilities.

Our 2016 Seminars feature ALL NEW TOPICS!  We will present up to date information on new laws, motor vehicle rules, and detailed safety instructions.  Come to see us!

Meet us at the 2016 WWETT Show in Indianapolis!

The annual Water and Waterwater Equipment, Treatment and Transport Show (formerly Pumper and Cleaner International Expo) will be held at the Indiana Convention Center, in February, 2016. For more information, check their website at http://www.wwettshow.com.

The North Carolina Portable Toilet Group supports the Pumper Show. Join us to see the newest technologies and visit with old friends. 

Contact Joe and Henri McClees of McClees Consulting, Inc. for information on gatherings of NC Portable Toilet Group members at the 2016 WWETT Show.

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